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A few weeks ago the results of a Siena Poll showed more American's are ready for a female president. It's a question that's been asked many, many times before...and no doubt will be asked many more times before the 2008 presidential election...but in this day and age...should we still be asking it at all?
We talked with a few women who've been thinking about just that question...here's what they said...

Mary runs down some important dates in women's history for the month of March.
In honor of women's history month, 51% is bringing back one of our most popular series. The award winning Herstory series features actress Kate Mulgrew with a look back at the lives of the great women of science
When we read about great women in history books, or see them in paintings...we don't always get the full picture. For example...the great feminist foremother. You probably think, these were women of great principle...and you'd be right. But how tough was it for them to stick to those principles. You'd probably be surprised to know that many of them faced struggles not unlike those we face today. Lori Marso is the author of Feminist Thinkers and the Demands of Femininity: The Lives and Work of Intellectual Women.
The book details some of the struggles early feminist intellectuals...the women who laid the foundations for modern feminism...had in balancing their principles and their personal lives. Over the next few weeks we'll be talking with Lori about a few of those women and their challenges. We start today with England's first great feminist, Mary Wolstoncraft.


Barbara Bailey Hutchison shares the lament of many a modern feminist mom.