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Amazon Takes Entertainment Step With App Offerings


Amazon is positioning itself to be a bigger player in the digital music and movie market. This week, the company announced that it would be offering its movie and music apps on more devices, including Apple's iPad.

NPR's Laura Sydell reports.

LAURA SYDELL, BYLINE: Netflix has been a dominant player streaming movies online, and its app is on almost every device, from Xboxes to iPads. Now, Amazon's added a movie and TV app to the iPad.

Should Netflix worry?

SARAH ROTMAN EPPS: Netflix should worry.

SYDELL: Sarah Rotman Epps is an analyst with Forrester Research.

EPPS: Many consumers are on the fence about Netflix. It helped that they added "Mad Men," but they can't let the pressure up of trying to add more premium content.

SYDELL: Amazon has had a lot of success by making its eBooks available on almost every device, and they're trying to do the same with TV and movies. The company's aiming at music, as well. This week, Amazon announced its Cloud Player digital music app would soon be available on Roku Internet TV boxes and the Sonos home music streaming service.

iTunes has been a leader in digital music, and with the popularity of Apple devices, Rotman Epps thinks that will continue. Now, there's speculation that Amazon may soon start selling its own phone.

EPPS: They've done music and video from its services. It will have synergy with that device.

SYDELL: Over the next few years, consumers will likely see a lot more choices for online entertainment.

Laura Sydell, NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Laura Sydell fell in love with the intimate storytelling qualities of radio, which combined her passion for theatre and writing with her addiction to news. Over her career she has covered politics, arts, media, religion, and entrepreneurship. Currently Sydell is the Digital Culture Correspondent for NPR's All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and NPR.org.