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Life After Phish: Page McConnell Goes Solo

Although the band broke up in 2004, keyboardist Page McConnell says he'll always consider himself a member of Phish.

"We got together when we were in our early twenties or late teens, and living in our insulated world. As much as I enjoyed it, I was stuck as that person I was when I was twenty-three or twenty-four years old."

After the break up, without the endless touring, studio sessions and promotion, McConnell stepped back from his career and asked himself 'what next?' He left his choices wide open, even considering a return to school. But his musical roots proved to be too strong.

McConnell has just released his first solo album. He's invited a few of his former band mates to join him on his new self-titled CD, but this time, instead of just a band member he's the band leader and principal songwriter.

McConnell joined Liane Hanson to talk about life beyond Phish, his new record and the art of improvisation.

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