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Gov. Cuomo To Cooperate With Impeachment Probe Next Week

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

As extraordinary as the last few days have been in New York state politics, next week is shaping up to be crucial as embattled third-term Governor Andrew Cuomo tries to hold on.

With at least four local prosecutors now looking into attorney general Tish James’ findings — that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women and oversaw a toxic workplace — the Assembly Judiciary Committee is ramping up its impeachment probe. The bommittee plans to meet again Monday, and the governor’s office says it will present documents  to the committee by an August 13 deadline. But signs point to a looming impeachment vote and possible removal by fall.

Joining us for analysis is Philip Bump, national political correspondent for The Washington Post.

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