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Cuomo: All New York State Schools Can Open This Fall

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says under current COVID-19 infection rates, all school districts in the state can reopen for in-person instruction in September. 

On a conference call with reporters, Cuomo says the state will keep watching coronavirus rates between now and the first day of school. Cuomo says it's up to each individual school district to decide on a learning model, whether that is in-person, remote, part-day or a hybrid.

He says “step two” in reopening schools is local districts coming up with a plan that satisfies their teachers and parents. 

Cuomo says each school district must post plans for coronavirus testing, remote learning and contact tracing. He says districts should hold at least three discussions with parents over the next two weeks, and says a separate conversation with teachers should be held.

Cuomo aide Jim Malatras says students must wear a mask anytime they can't social distance, and the district must provide masks if students need them.

"None of this is perfect," Cuomo acknowledged, saying outdoor learning is much safer than indoor learning.
Cuomo says he supports whatever protocols work for each district.

"They can do in-person school. But it is up to them. In-person, hybrid, outdoor education, remote education, a blend, half-day, quarter-day, third-day. That is all up to their discretion," he said.