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131 Different Things

131 different things book cover

Zachary Lipez is a longtime New York City resident who has a unique beat on music and culture writing. His writing has been featured in Vice, Pitchfork, and he is a regular contributor to Noisey. Nick Zinner is the lead guitarist of the three-time Grammy nominated indie rock band, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well as the hardcore group Head Wound City. He is also an accomplished photographer. His photos have been featured in the New York Times, Vice, and Rolling Stone.

Together with artist Stacey Wakefield, Zinner and Lipez form a creative super group who have put out five collaborative books. Their latest is “131 Different Things.” It is published by Akashic Books. It’s a pleasure to welcome Zachary Lipez and Nick Zinner to The Roundtable.

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