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Jonathan Coulton


 Jonathan Coulton's new album, Artificial Heart, is out and even though it shouldn't matter to you what Sarah LaDuke thinks of it - we're going to tell you anyway - she loves it. Here, Jonathan speaks with Sarah about his career, working with John Flansburgh, being buds with John Hodgman, and, of course, some of the songs on Artificial Heart.


Sarah has been a public radio producer for over a decade. She grew up in Saranac Lake, New York where she worked part-time at Pendragon Theatre all through high school and college. She graduated from UAlbany in 2006 with a BA in English and started at WAMC a few weeks later as a part-time board-op in the control room. Through a series of offered and seized opportunities she is now the Senior Contributing Producer of The Roundtable and Producer of The Book Show.
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