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Strange Universe With Bob Berman

Strange Universe 10/10/21

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A vast energy field fills the universe. Vacuum energy or zero point energy has unimaginable power. In a way all objects around us are just little nodules, tiny extra thickness of this energy, hovering before us three dimensionally. This known matter makes up 4% of our visible universe, so learning about these building blocks is not a bad idea.

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  • Astronomer Bob Berman sheds light on the mysteries of space and time. Always fascinating and fun, Strange Universe will take you places you never knew existed. Learn why Betelgeuse sometimes goes weirdly dim and how after the totality in 2017 in places like Wyoming and the Carolinas, millions finally got to see a total solar eclipse.
  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
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  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    Can you get out of here? That is the question pondered for centuries: how to permanently leave Earth. This week, we discuss escape velocity, the minimum speed that an object needs to be traveling to break free of gravitational influence.