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51% #1719: The Fall of Roe

On this week’s 51%, we discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending nearly 50 years of constitutional protections for abortion in the United States. We speak with Albany Law School professor Vincent Bonventre about what this means for the Court, and hear from advocates on both sides of the debate over abortion rights. Albany Medical Center’s Dr. Rachel Flink also discusses how to pick and properly use the birth control method that’s best for you.


51% is a national production of WAMC Northeast Public Radio. It's produced by Jesse King. Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock, and our theme is "Lolita" by the Albany-based artist Girl Blue.

Jesse King is the host of WAMC's national program on women's issues, "51%," and the station's bureau chief in the Hudson Valley. She has also produced episodes of the WAMC podcast "A New York Minute In History."