51% #1562: The Importance Of Cross-Race Friendships; Inclusivity On The Ice

Jul 3, 2019

On this week’s 51%, a researcher makes the case for the importance of interracial friendship among young people; hear how a few women are helping refugees with a language barrier to health care and a figure skater endeavors to bring more black women to the ice.

Dr. Cinzia Pica-Smith believes the topic of cross-race friendships in the U.S. to be an important one; and, in this divisive political climate, more so. Pica-Smith is a researcher and professor at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she is associate professor in the Department of Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies. And she is the coordinator of the concentration program, Working with Children and Adolescents in Community Settings.  

That was Dr. Cinzia Pica-Smith, on the importance of interracial friendships among children. She has delivered a TEDx talk on the topic, and continues her research. She co-authored her latest book: “Social Justice Education in European Multi-Ethnic Schools: Addressing the Goals of Intercultural Education,” and they are working on a second, due out in 2020.

Refugees and other immigrants face lots of obstacles when it comes to getting healthcare. And the language barrier is one of the biggest. Side Effects Public Media’s Sebastián Martínez Valdivia visits a clinic in rural Missouri that's trying to help Congolese refugees.  

Black figure skaters are far and few between. Deneane Richburg is one of just a few in Minnesota. She's created a project that puts stories and movements of the African diaspora on the ice, a historically Eurocentric space. KFAI's Anna Stitt takes us to the rink.  

We’ll stay in Minnesota to hear about a new exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art – or MIA – honors indigenous women artists from many nations in North America. Reporter Laurie Stern met up with Mia’s Dakota Hoska for a tour. 

You can see “Hearts of Our People” at no cost if you’re Native. You just have to say so at the ticket desk. This story was from Minnesota Native News, produced by Ampers, and made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, and the citizens of Minnesota.

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