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No Fun! A popular alternative music venue in Troy up for sale

No Fun, a live music venue in Troy, is up for sale. But owner August Rosa hopes the business will continue to thrive as is after its sale.
Samantha Simmons
No Fun, a live music venue in Troy, is up for sale. But owner August Rosa hopes the business will continue to thrive as is after its sale.

A popular alternative music venue in Troy is up for sale, but the owner has no plans to shut it down.

No Fun opened on River Street in December 2021. It was listed for sale this month by owner and promoter August Rosa.

The venue and bar is home to some of the area’s most eclectic shows, which sell out consistently according to Rosa. The space, which holds up to 208 people, hosts concerts, movie screenings, and goth nights regularly. Covered in stickers, colorful lights, and sweat, attendees fill the checkered floor each week to hear what could become their favorite bands.

Rosa, who also owns two craft beer storefronts in Saratoga Springs and Albany, says business is booming and he hopes it continues to expand under new ownership.

“In an ideal world, they'll keep everything in place, bring their own ideas to it to make it grow further. And I would love to be able to still book one to three shows a month there,” Rosa said.

Rosa says the decision to sell comes as he hopes to better balance his personal life with being a small business owner. He’s ready to trade some of the ear-splitting nights for more time with his three kids.

“I've been booking a lot of my favorite bands,” he said. “And it's successful and viable and strong. But it's like the product of that success is more time.”

Vivian Mullis is a regular at the downtown venue. She hopes the energy and creativity survives the sale.

“It means a lot that there's a place like this in our community and Troy and that there's a place for alternative people to express themselves,” Mullis said.

Sean Secor, of booking company Hey, Greasy!, Shane Sanchez of Super Dark Collective and Rachel Freeman of Byrdhouse Records work at No Fun. In just over a week, the group has raised more than $10,000 of their $60,000 goal through an online fundraiser.

Secor says the goal is to get a majority share with the help of investors.

Secor says the sale doesn’t come as a surprise. If the employees succeed, the plan would be to maintain the creative control they’ve had as employees and independent bookers.

“You have a lot more muscle as a promoter if you do work at the space because, as an as an independent promoter, you can guarantee some stuff, like you're on the hook for all of that,” Secor said. “But if it's a venture that you're involved in, then there's a lot a lot more negotiating to be done.”

Secor says he has confidence in Rosa’s judgement.

“I think that if he went with somebody else that would be would probably be a good option,” Secor said. “I trust him to make to make a good choice if he was going with someone else. Something he and I had talked about was if it’s close enough to the same amount he’s going to go with the person that’s going to keep it going the way it is.”

Rosa says he’s considering all offers.

“I have to figure out what the best fit is for me and the venue, trying to figure it out in parallel,” Rosa said.

After nearly four years of No Fun, he plans to sell the business as a “turnkey operation.”

“They don't have to worry about the initial build out, sourcing, things like creating and developing contacts, and networks and permitting, licensing all that stuff,” Rosa said.

Rosa says he will maintain ownership of the two Pint Sized locations, which will be rebranded as DIVE in July, a nod to the feeling of a “divey neighborhood bar.” He says the rebranding will follow consumer trends and feature low-calorie options, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks. In 2017, the Albany location, Brew, was rebranded under the Pint Sized name.

Samantha joined the WAMC staff after interning during her final semester at the University at Albany. A Troy native, she looks forward to covering what matters most to those in her community. Aside from working, Samantha enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and cat. She can be reached by phone at (518)-465-5233 Ext. 211 or by email at ssimmons@wamc.org.