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Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy criticizes congressional inaction on gun reform

Senator Patrick Leahy
WAMC/Pat Bradley
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (file)

Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy took to the floor of the Senate on Wednesday to call for action to stem gun violence.

Leahy, Pro Tem of the Senate, says the nation needs common sense gun reform. He noted the leading cause of childhood death in the U.S is now firearms.

“Think of that. Our children and our grandchildren: the leading cause of death: firearms. We have a problem when we cannot push aside pressure groups that tell us that Democrats are ‘coming for your guns.’ Of course some of the gun industry will say that because it boosts their sales. Boosts their sales and children die.”

Senator Leahy, in his final term, owns firearms and was a member of the target shooting team at St. Michael’s College.

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