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Claiming a national first, Williams to replace loans, work-study jobs with grants for students on financial aid

Stephanie Owyang

Williams College announced today that it will become the first college in the country to totally eliminate both loans and required campus and summer jobs from all of its financial aid packages.

The Williamstown, Massachusetts private liberal arts college says the move is part of its “true affordability” initiative for students receiving financial aid.

“It means that students who are on financial aid will be able to take full advantage of our academic program without any financial needs placed on them or imposed on them by the school while they're here," said President Maud Mandel. "And they will, therefore, be able to participate fully in all aspects of the college along with their peers from all range of socioeconomic backgrounds.”

The elimination of loans starts with the fall semester. Williams has an undergraduate population of around 2,000, with tuition and fees around $60,000 a year.

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