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Plattsburgh City Council reviews budget adjustments

Plattsburgh City Hall (file)
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Plattsburgh City Hall (file)

The Plattsburgh City Council met Thursday night.

Most items on the agenda were routine but there were occasional discussions by councilors regarding proposals’ potential costs to the city.

Councilors reviewed and approved their biweekly payrolls and bills before considering various adjustments. The longest discussion focused on $9,000 in additional costs for new software components for a parking kiosk system.

Deputy Mayor Mike Kelly felt the city could afford it.

“The general fund as we know is very healthy so we should be able to absorb a $9,000 cost.”

Ward 5 Democrat Caitlin Bopp wanted clarification.

“This is absolutely necessary for the system to function right?”

Development Director Matt Miller responded: “It is.”

Councilors also considered a request to ask the state legislature to add three police officers to a retirement system due to paperwork errors.