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Troy's New Vision For One Monument Square Well Received

The latest re-imagining of Troy’s One Monument Square was well received during a recent unveiling.

The next vision for One Monument Square, the fifth attempt since the former home of City Hall was knocked down over a decade ago, was greeted by loud applause from a crowd of city residents.

The design unveiled last week features a seven-buildings-in-one approach – a multi-story complex with several different architectural styles celebrating Troy’s own architectural history – with a 22,000-square foot footprint.

The concept also includes a public space that slopes to the Hudson River, a reconfigured Riverfront Park, and an underground parking garage. The project would connect to an-in development multi-use path along the waterway.

The current vision incorporates community feedback gathered in a series of public meetings in 2018. Troy Mayor Patrick Madden…

“This was essential that we get community buy-in around the approach to developing the site. And that’s what we saw tonight. And it doesn’t surprise me because it did capture the elements that the community spoke to when we did the design charrette three years ago,” said Madden.

Projected to cost over $60 million, the project will include public and private investment.

Hoboken Brownstone, which worked with the city on the project, is anticipating an investment of over $40 million. Company COO Sumeet Gupta was pleased with the positive feedback.

“This is a project that entails everyone in the community getting together, buying the vision, buying the design. That’s going to allow us to go to the next step because up until now, all of these projects have died at this step, and we’re just very happy to know that tonight everybody is giving positive feedback and we have the ability to go to step two,” said Gupta.

Among those applauding after the presentation was Jim Conroy, a former Troy deputy mayor.

“The entire effort of gaining community input, converting it into an idea and then presenting it to the public was absolutely professional. The best I’ve ever seen,” said Conroy.

The city would have to come up with more than $20 million to complete its portion of the project, which includes the public space and reconfigured park.

Mayor Madden, a Democrat, is confident the project can be supported with grant funding.

“We will seeks grants under every rock, in every corner, in every drawer, underneath all the couch cushions, and then we’re going to try minimize what the city needs to put into this, but yes, there will be investment required by the city,” said Madden.

The project comes on the heels of the multi-year effort to rebuild the city’s seawall.

Republican City Council President Carmella Mantello, who previously served as Director of the New York State Canal Corporation, was enthusiastic about realizing the potential of Troy’s waterfront.

“We can make this a model for not just Troy, not just the Capital Region, for upstate New York. And we’re going to do it right, and we’re going to get it rolling,” said Mantello.

Lucas Willard is a reporter and host at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, which he joined in 2011.