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Sheriff Apple: Police Will Enforce "Broken Windows" Policy After Spike In Violent Crime

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple speaking Friday
Image capture by WAMC
Albany County/Facebook Live
Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple speaking Friday

Amid a recent uptick in violence including fatal shootings in the city of Albany, police are stepping up enforcement of “low-level” offenses.

Similar to last year, city police are receiving assistance from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police. Sheriff Craig Apple discussed the strategy at a press conference Friday.

"Enough is enough," said Apple. "So we will work hand-in-glove with the city, we will work with the state. We have a couple details planned and we will continue to enforce every single law in the City of Albany, and we will start with the Broken Window theory. And we'll start small and we'll work our way up, and I firmly believe that if we can knock off a lot of the low-level stuff, a lot of the big stuff will take care of itself."

The so-called "Broken Windows" theory has been criticized by advocates claiming it leads to racial disparities in arrests.