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Search Continues For Escaped Prisoners In Cadyville

The massive manhunt in upstate New York continues. Today’s search for two convicted murderers who escaped from the Clinton Correctional facility focused on a rural area a few miles from the prison.

Convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from the maximum security Clinton Correctional prison in Dannemora sometime early Saturday.  An intensive search has been ongoing.  Earlier this week it focused on the town of Willsboro, about 40 miles away.

Late Wednesday and all day Thursday, law enforcement searched rural rugged terrain along the edge of the Adirondack Park area around Cadyville, a couple miles from the prison between Plattsburgh and Dannemora.   
At mid-afternoon, NYS Police Troop B Spokeswoman Trooper Jennifer Fleishman updated reporters gathered at a roadblock on the status of the search. Despite days of rumors and inaccurate reports about the prisoners being “cornered,” Fleishman didn’t have much news.   “At this time we are remaining in the area until we have conducted a thorough search. We’re looking underneath every rock, behind every tree, and inside every structure until we catch these two. We’ve deployed extra personnel to the area at this point since many have been on sites since the lead developed. We need to ensure that our people are fresh and well rested as we continue on with this lead.”

Some residents in the area are nervous in the wake of the escape and nearby search, including John St. Germaine.   “I’ve locked everything up, which I normally don’t do. This is the first time in probably 45, 50 years that I’ve locked all my doors and windows.”

A local businesswoman distributing snacks to police at the checkpoint reported that family members in Cadyville were sheltering in place and had heard gunshots.   Fleishman they were not related to police activity.   “That was not related to this lead. It’s not related to this area.” A reporter sought clarification. “Were there gunshots?” Fleishman responded:  “I can’t comment on everything, but the shots that have been heard have not been related to this lead.”

Fleishman would not discuss details of the investigation as reporters peppered her with questions.   “I can’t comment on how significant the lead is.  We thoroughly investigate every single lead until we’ve exhausted it.” She was then asked  “What brought you here?”  “A lead.”  Another followed up “Have you found anything today that’s led you to stay in this area or are you just going off this tip that came in last night?”  “Like I said we have to investigate everything thoroughly. Every lead is considered credible until we’ve proven otherwise.”  The reporter pressed for more information. “But did you find anything today?” While Fleishman maintained her response “I can’t talk about specifics on the lead.”

NYS Police Director of Public Information Beau Duffy says all available public assets are engaged in the search.  “Our biggest challenge is to find these guys.  This is an area of rough terrain. It’s heavily wooded. It’s not easily traversed.  Some of the searching can be slow going.  Asked “Have you ever heard of a search like this before?” he answered “No never. I think this is pretty extraordinary.”

New York is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of both Matt and Sweat.  Matt was convicted of murdering a former employer and dismembering him.  Sweat was serving time for killing a Broome County sheriff’s deputy.

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