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Cuomo Admits Corruption Cloud Hampering Deals

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Matt Ryan
Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledges that the cloud of corruption over the capitol is making it harder to achieve end of session deals. Cuomo says currently, there are no deals on any end of session issues, including renewal of New York City rent laws and a related property tax cap, or an education tax credit the governor is pushing.

The governor says the renewal of a tax break for real estate developers, known as 421-a, has become problematic, because any changes to the law benefits “some political interest.”

“If 421-a helps the real estate industry, you’ll say that’s because the real estate industry are big donors,” Cuomo said. “If it helps labor they’ll say it helps labor. So, it’s that kind of complicated issue.”  

Campaign contributions and alleged favors to real estate developers have figured in corruption charges against both former leaders of the legislature. No developer has been accused of any wrongdoing. Cuomo says he and lawmakers need to at least do the minimum by Monday’s deadline and extend the measures that sunset, even if no changes are agreed upon.   

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