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Post-Irene River Damage Assessed

By Pat Bradley


Ausable Forks, NY – In the days following flooding from Tropical Storm Irene, local officials used heavy equipment to clear debris in Ausable River. In some cases, berms were formed and some dredging was done as part of the clean up effort. This week, the Ausable River Association has sponsored a series of walks with scientists, agency representatives, local officials and the public to assess the impact of flooding and the post flooding actions to the river and what needs to be done to assure it's natural restoration. Trout Unlimited National Trustee, New York State Vice President for Resource Management, and Adirondack Chapter Outgoing President Dr. John Braico was among those who walked along the Ausable River near Keene and Ausable Forks.

Braico found varied impacts to the river in the aftermath of Irene.

Town of Jay Supervisor Randy Douglas has been monitoring work on the Ausable River near Ausable Forks since the flooding from Tropical Storm Irene.

In the wake of the river walks, Supervisor Douglas is planning a public forum to discuss river issues next week.

The forum is planned November 1st at the Town of Jay Community Center in Ausable Forks