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Economic Strategies Outlined For Adirondack Park

By Pat Bradley


Plattsburgh, NY – The Blue Line Strategy Task Force was formed in August 2010 to determine strategies to improve the economy of the Adirondacks. The report "Uniting to Sustain the Adirondack Park" offers five recommendations for sustainable economic development. Task Force member George Leveille says the diverse members of the task force believe the Adirondack Park can sustain a viable economy with a highly regulated and protected environment....... (audio cut) The recommendations focus on conceptualizing the park as a single entity. Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism President Jim McKenna .... (audio cut) Former Adirondack Park Agency Chair John Collins says tools and support from the state are needed to cultivate modest economies in the park....... (audio cut) Adirondack Sustainable Communities Founder Ray Curran says while many people understand the importance of the Adirondack Park's environment, getting attention to grow the economy is a challenge.... (audio cut) A link to the report is available on our website: wamc.org