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Vermont Man Who Harassed Black Lawmaker Faces Gun Charge

A self-described white nationalist who harassed Vermont's only female black legislator who later resigned pleaded not guilty on Thursday to two counts of possessing illegal, large capacity gun magazines.
Max Misch, 36, was ordered not to possess, use or buy firearms and to have no contact with his ex-wife, former Representative Kiah Morris or her husband. The judge also granted the state's request that the Vermont State Police confiscate Misch's weapons and ammunition to ensure that he abides by the conditions.

According to an affidavit, Vermont State Police investigated after learning in January that Misch had allegedly purchased an AK-47 and several 30-round magazines. Last year, the Vermont Legislature passed a law banning high capacity magazines.

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan said he believes it's the first time that someone has been charged with illegally possessing such magazines in Vermont.

Kiah Morris resigned her House seat in September after being racially harassed. Vermont State Police and the attorney general's office investigated and declined to prosecute because the harassment by Misch was protected by free speech.

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