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Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Lawrence Zupan Discusses Campaign

Lawrence Zupan
Zupan for U.S. Senate/Facebook
Lawrence Zupan

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is running for re-election in next month’s midterms — and his popularity appears to be cresting following his 2016 presidential campaign.  His Republican opponent, Lawrence Zupan, is undeterred, although he tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley he has never before run for an elected office.
“I’ve been a life-long student of politics, economics and government starting with conversations at the dinner table when I was a small child. It was a very politically active family and then with my social studies and my studies in college and then later in my MBA program studying political science, law, economics. But the biggest lessons that prepared me for a candidacy and the possible privilege of being the U.S. Senator for Vermont was my experiences in the workforce both as an employee, as a director of a nonprofit and as someone who established his own small businesses and got to understand the challenges that both employees and employers face.”  

Independents Folasade Adeluola, Russell Beste, Bruce Busa, Edward Gilbert Jr, Brad Peacock, and Jon Svitavsky and Liberty Union candidate Reid Kane are also challenging incumbent Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Extended conversation with Vermont Republican U.S. Senate candidate Lawrence Zupan