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House Majority Leader Discusses Budget Proposal

Vermont House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski
Verrmont Legislature
Vermont House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski

The Vermont House Appropriations Committee unanimously voted 11-0 Monday to send the proposed state budget to the House floor.  In advance of the debate House leaders are previewing the budget highlights.  House Majority Leader Democrat Jill Krowinski talks about what’s anticipated during the debate over the $5.8 billion fiscal plan.
“Crafting this bill this year has been incredibly challenging given the uncertainty out of Washington D.C.   And so with that our budget committee worked really hard to prioritize programs that protect vulnerable Vermonters and helps us to continue to grow a healthy economy. ”

During his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Republican Governor Phil Scott praised the House for putting forth a budget that closes a $72 million gap without raising taxes or fees, which he called his line in the sand.  He said the state needs more investments and economic initiatives including his proposal to combine the liquor and lottery departments; utilizing the new agency of digital services; and ideas to create more revenue and education investments.  The governor added that he will work with the Senate on amendments to the budget bill to include such initiatives after the measure passes the House.

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