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Beautiful Vermont Swimming Hole Takes Another Life

Mfwills/Wikimedia Commons
Huntington Gorge

Vermont's beautiful but often deadly Huntington Gorge has taken another life.

Police tell The Burlington Free Press that 22-year-old Elanie Santor of Milton was walking with two companions Sunday when she lost her footing and fell into the rushing, rain-swollen Huntington River.

The small gorge in Richmond is marked by rapids, cascades and horsetails and is a popular spot for swimmers and nature lovers. But its treacherous waters have taken more than two dozen lives since 1950, including that of Vermont State Police rescue diver Sgt. Gary Gaboury who drowned in 1992 while trying to recover another drowning victim.

At the gorge on Monday, some swimmers were just learning of Santor's death. They advised swimming upstream or downstream but staying out of the most treacherous parts of the gorge.

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