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UVM Graduate Tuition Break Could End

AlexiusHoratius/Wikimedia Commons

A bill up for debate in the Vermont House this week would end the in-state tuition break for University of Vermont graduate students.

Current law requires that Vermont resident students in all but the College of Medicine at UVM pay no more than 40 percent of the tuition charged to students from out-of-state.

Tuition currently is a bit more than $7,000 per semester for an in-state grad student taking 12 credits, and nearly $18,000 per semester for those from out-of-state.

There's been no immediate comment from UVM officials. But Vermont Democratic Representatives Michele Kupersmith and Johannah Leddy Donovan tell The Associated Press UVM officials have told them they want to narrow the difference by lowering costs for on-line graduate programs. The bill would end the in-state break for all graduate programs.

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