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Public Weighs in On Death With Dignity Bill

Vermont lawmakers are once again considering a measure that would allow an individual to request prescription medication to end their life if diagnosed with a terminal condition.

The Vermont Legislature is calling the bill End of Life Choices.  Proponents call it Death with Dignity, opponents Physician Assisted Suicide.  Legislative committees have scheduled a week of testimony on the issue. Tuesday evening the public weighed in during a two hour hearing at the statehouse that was webcast via Vermont Public Radio.  Senator Claire Ayer laid out the guidelines for those who wished to speak.

Opponents and proponents told lawmakers personal stories of how a law could impact families and individuals and several themes emerged.

The committees are hearing from medical ethicists, representatives from Oregon, where a Death with Dignity law is in effect, and members of the medical profession through Friday.

Audio from the live stream of the hearing from the Vermont Statehouse is courtesy of Vermont Public Radio.

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