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Tourism Officials Optimistic About Fall Foliage Season


The seasons, and the foliage, is changing.  Tourism officials are optimistic that the fall color will help make up for losses last year.

Last autumn, Vermont and northern New York were recovering from Tropical Storm Irene. Publicity kept some leaf-peepers away, and many businesses are hoping for a rebound this year.  Vermont Department of Tourism And Marketing Commissioner Megan Smith says fall foliage is a crucial season for the state’s economy.

In the Adirondacks, Lake Placid Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism Spokesperson Kim Riley reports substantial color is appearing in the High Peaks region.

There may be some brown patches, but experts predict this summer's dry spells will not hamper the fall colors and could even heighten them in some areas.  Commissioner Megan Smith is optimistic about fall  colors following a meeting with state foresters.

Paul Smiths’ College Professor of Natural Sciences Curt Stager explained that yellow and orange colors are exposed as green photosynthesis stops, and the reds come out from leftover sugars created as the tree shuts down.

Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing Spokesperson Jen Butson notes that color changes are beginning in northern Vermont and higher elevations.

Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and central Vermont are seeing color developing, following a typical pattern, with northern areas and higher elevations first showing colors.