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Two-Term Vermont State Senator Discusses Her Campaign For Lieutenant Governor

Debbie Ingram
Debbie Ingram for Vermont State Senate
Debbie Ingram

In Vermont, the governor and lieutenant governor are elected separately and this year both races already have a number of Democratic candidates.  When current Lieutenant Governor Progressive David Zuckerman announced he would run for governor, several Democrats began running for lieutenant governor.  Among them is second-term Democratic Vermont state Senator Debbie Ingram of Williston. She tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley her skills and the opportunities the office presents are a great match.“After years of listening to everyday people I have found that pretty much everybody is looking for housing that is affordable, for healthcare that makes them feel secure, for jobs that treat them right and for a better future for their children. And those are the kinds of issues that I've been working on as a state senator and those are the issues that I would like to focus on as Lieutenant Governor as well.”

Senator Debbie Ingram faces Vermont Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe, 2018 gubernatorial candidate Brenda Siegel and Assistant Attorney General Molly Gray in a Democratic primary in the race for Vermont Lieutenant Governor.

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