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Republican Attorney General Candidate Keith Wofford Discusses Campaign

Keith Wofford
Keith Wofford

The four-way primary among Democrats running to succeed Eric Schneiderman and Barbara Underwood as attorney general has been getting a lot of attention on this primary day. The winner will face a general election matchup with Keith Wofford, as well as Green Party hopeful Michael Sussman. Originally from Buffalo, Wofford has taken a leave of absence from a New York City law firm to run. The Republican tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that  he decided to run because there hasn’t been enough focus from state officials on the working and middle class — not to mention eliminating corruption.
“I grew up upstate in Buffalo, New York and I had a lot of great things come to me in life because of my parents who worked very hard. And I had all these good things come to me in this country and growing up in Upstate New York because we had a private sector and a public sector that worked together to help working class and middle class people move forward and help their families move forward. Now 35, 40 years later things are different. We have a government that doesn’t help the people move forward as much as it helps themselves. There are politicians who are rigging bids. There are politicians who are taking bribes and there is unfortunately another larger group that isn’t stopping them from doing it and first and foremost in that other group is the Attorney General of this state. We’ve had three attorney generals in the past 12 years who have pledged to clean up corruption. But despite that we’ve had scandal after scandal after scandal and it’s not just that we’re not putting people in jail it’s that the costs of corruption are making it near impossible for New Yorkers and small businesses and even large businesses to function here.”

An extended conversation with Republican New York Attorney General candidate Keith Wofford is here:

Extended interview with Republican NY Attorney General candidate Keith Wofford