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Profile of Republican Primary Candidates for 115th Assembly District

Two challengers will face off against the incumbent in Thursday’s primary for New York’s new 115th district.

Republican incumbent Janet Duprey, repeat challenger David Kimmel, and Karen Bisso, who has never before run for office, are on the ballot in Republican primary for the 115th Assembly District. Incumbent Janet Duprey was first elected in 2006 to the Assembly.

Janet Duprey joins her challengers in citing the key issue for the region as jobs.

David Kimmel is a businessman and former Marine who wants Medicaid reform and elimination of unfunded mandates.  But his focus is on jobs and economic issues.

Although active in politics behind the scenes Karen Bisso, a businessperson and educator, has never before run for public office, She decided to run after people urged her to enter the race.

Karen Bisso, who will appear on the Conservative line on the November ballot,  says the state has been delving too deeply into local concerns.

While the candidates cite the economy as priorities, social issues, including the state’s legalization of same-sex marriage, is a factor.  Incumbent Janet Duprey believes she’s facing a challenge because of her change in opinion regarding same-sex marriage.

David Kimmel is concerned that ethics in Albany and social issues overshadowing other priorities.

The new 115th Assembly District includes all of Clinton and Franklin and parts of St. Lawrence Counties. Polls are open Thursday from noon until 9 p.m.