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Paul Elisha: A Poem for Today's Collegiate Captives

Lately, this commentator has become acutely aware of a new, completely technologized collegiate generation. So on this Post-Spring-Break day, with the computerized I-Pod.

Hypnotized student body now prepping for finals… here’s a poem for today’s collegiate captives. *(…with the aid of former NY State Poet Laureate: William Bronk).

Caught in the crush of mirror-image
Imitation, the onrushing student herd
Hears naught, its every eye focused
On what each I-Pod God is preaching,
Reaching souls the whole essence of which
Is the switch-less image. Every one
Engrossed as one. No one veers from
This parade, past parking lot and
Leaf blown glade, attention fixed on
What the Googled glom imparts.

Smart or not weighs little in this game
Of lockstep; in step with each other
Is the key, no high school, prep or
Home-school mother’d faithfully oversee.
Corner crossings, cobbled curb present
No special problems, class is classless
When this legion moves en-masse.
What’s left behind, it’s sad to say,
Some day may still be needed.

Heedless now, they may yet waken to
A day like one , Bill Bronk succeeded
In describing, for the rank and file;
It often happens when we’re unaware
We learn it’s been just where
If we had cared, we could have found it.
Too tired to run, we yearn to be real,
“For something to find us, that needs to be done.” *(WmBronk)

Paul Elisha

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