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Any Questions #465: "Episode 10"

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WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel kick off their 10th season by looking back on their 10th episode.

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase URBAN LEGEND. Change one letter to an R and you can rearrange the result to spell the two-word name (five letters, six letters) of a film from 1982. What is the film?
Answer: If you change the G to an R, you can spell BLADE RUNNER.

On-air questions: It’s the first episode of season 10 of Any Questions?, and what better time to look back at a moment early on in this program’s history. I dug through the Any Questions? archives and dusted off episode 10, which was about sports and first aired on November 4, 2011. This week, each question will be about the answer to one of the five questions I asked you on episode 10.

1. Beach volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1996. Three of the six women’s events have been won by the American duo of Misty May-Treanor and what woman, who also won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics with teammate April Ross?
2. As of the end of August of 2020, Pete Sampras is second on the list of men who have held the number one ranking for the most total weeks, according the Association of Tennis Professionals. What Swiss player, sometimes nicknamed “FedEx” currently holds the number-one spot on that list?
3. From October 5, 2005 to September 24, 2009, Wayne Gretzky was the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes, now known as the Arizona Coyotes. What team moved to Phoenix in 1996 to become the Coyotes, a name that is once again the name of a current NHL team?
4. On May 14, 1996, as a member of the New York Yankees, Dwight Gooden threw a no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners. It was the first no-hitter by a Yankees right-handed pitcher in almost 40 years, the previous one happening when what pitcher threw a perfect game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series?
5. Measured in feet and inches, what are the current world records in the men’s and women’s high jump?

Extra credit
1. In 2008, the Olympic medals featured a jade ring along with the traditional gold, silver, or bronze. The medals awarded in 1994 in Albertville, France, were designed by artist René Lalique and featured what nonmetal material?
2. Wilt Chamberlain starred as Bombaata, the captain of Queen Taramis’ guard, in what 1984 fantasy sequel?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase EPISODE TEN. Change one letter to an A and you can rearrange the result to spell a four-letter word that describes the writer Virgil and the six-letter title of something Virgil wrote. What are the words?

On-air questions

1. Kerri Walsh-Jennings
2. Roger Federer
3. Winnipeg Jets
4. Don Larsen
5. Men: 8 feet ¼ inch, women: 6 feet 10¼ inches

Extra credit
1. Glass
2. Conan the Destroyer


A lifelong resident of the Capital Region, Ian joined WAMC in late 2008 and became news director in 2013. He began working on Morning Edition and has produced The Capitol Connection, Congressional Corner, and several other WAMC programs. Ian can also be heard as the host of the WAMC News Podcast and on The Roundtable and various newscasts. Ian holds a BA in English and journalism and an MA in English, both from the University at Albany, where he has taught journalism since 2013.
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