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51% Show #1323

On this week’s 51%, we’ll hear from author and journalist Gail Sheehy about her memoir. Then it’s off to France to hear about a man in a role traditionally for women. From there, we time travel, to Eden.  

Gail Sheehy, author of the influential Passages, now lays bare her own life passages in a memoir that reveals her path from groundbreaking 1960's "girl" journalist to bestselling author who made a career of excavating cultural taboos.

Daring: My Passages also tells the story of Sheehy's romance with Clay Felker, the creator of New York magazine and mentor who inspired her to become a fearless journalist who gained repute for her in-depth character portraits of world leaders. Gail Sheehy is the author of seventeen books, including Passages, named one of the ten most influential books by the Library of Congress. 51%’s Joe Donahue interviews Gail Sheehy.

Credit Giuseppe Milo

Now, for a different take on daring, we’ll head to France, where it’s dads who are daring when they’re the ones who put their careers on hiatus to stay home with the kids. If one parent is to stay home with the children, it is usually the mother. Sarah Elzas meets one stay-at-home dad, who finds he gets treated differently than stay-at-home moms. 

Sarah Elzas also produced the story for Radio France International.

Gilles Malkine has an edition of Women in History. This week, he profiles a woman who, depending upon your beliefs, is the ultimate in firsts.  

Writer, composer, and actor Gilles Malkine is a resident of the Catskills region of New York.  

And that’s our show for this week. Thanks to Katie Britton for production assistance. Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock. Our theme music is Glow in the Dark by Kevin Bartlett. This show is a national production of Northeast Public Radio. 

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