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  Heroic women, tragic stories and lessons for today. History knows them  as the Angels of Bataan but they can help us understand today's returning vets.

When Pearl Harbor was attacked in World War II, a group of nurses who never expected to be on the front lines found themselves in a combat zone – and taken prisoner.  They faced impossible working conditions, constant fear and starvation. The  experience would haunt them the rest of their lives...and helps us better understand the issues faced by today's returning veterans. 

Mary CronkFarrell is the author of Pure Grit: How WWII Nurses In the Pacific Survived Combat and Prison Camp.

Animal research is now showing that witnessing just one traumatic event can permanently change the brain. Imagine what the ongoing civil war in Syria is doing to children, who not only see friends and family killed, but are victimized or recruited to fight. UN Radio's Patrick Maigua reports that global children's advocate organizations are worried about an entire generation of Syrian children.

Credit Judy Silber

Nathan and Lesley Keith met on a military base in Kuwait, in 2006. They’re both Navy veterans, and together they served for a cumulative 27 years. They present a happy, well adjusted front to the world. But they're carrying emotional scars from their time serving in the Middle East.  KALW's JudySilber reports.

That’s our show for this week. 

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