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In Conversation with.... John R. MacArthur 10/30/08


Albany, NY –

Alan Chartock talks to MacArthur about his most recent book, You Can't Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America.

John R. "Rick" MacArthur is a journalist, author, and the publisher of Harper's Magazine. He has written three books:

Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the 1991 Gulf War (Hill and Wang,1992)
The Selling of "Free Trade": Nafta, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy (Hill and Wang, 2000).
You Can't Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America (Melville House Publishing, 2008).

Interviewer Alan S. Chartock is the President of WAMC Northeast Public Radio, as well as political observer, on-air host, and Executive Producer of National Productions, WAMC's in-house production wing. From time to time, Alan speaks with newsmakers, lawmakers, artists, and other unique people who's stories should be told. Read Alan's blog, or visit him on Myspace.

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