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Programming Notes: October 2014

Trick or Treat!

It seems as though it’s been a short summer. The semi-warm weather has already transitioned to brisk nights and crisp days and the leaves have begun to turn. It’s a wonderful time to explore new places and WAMC will be with you all throughout the beautiful northeast.

If your reading this at the beginning of the month, you know we’re in the throes of our fall fund drive. Alan, Ray, Joe, Selma, Sarah, Ian and Thom are taking you on a wild ride and who knows what can happen!  Make sure to stay tuned, as we have some great new WAMC premiums this season.

We do have a big change coming up in November. I know, this is October, but I want to make sure you know it’s coming. On November 17th there will be some changes to Morning EditionAll Things Considered, and Weekend Morning Edition. NPR in Washington, who provides these programs for WAMC, will be changing things around within the programs and that will affect what you hear and when you hear it.

Some of our local segments will be moved around in order to accommodate the new "clock" and you'll want to know what's what, especially if you’re like me and know if you’re late or not depending on where you are on your morning commute when The Academic Minute comes on. In my November guide column, you’ll get all the details of when our local news, weather and modules will be on during those programs. I wish we could keep them the same for you, as I know it will take some adjusting, but in the end we’ll get through it together and try to make it as painless as possible. Please understand, this is a national change, and not something we decided to do.

On that note, enjoy the fund drive, may you have a safe, sugar-filled Halloween, and watch out for zombies.