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Programming Notes: June 2014

Greetings and salutations, WAMC Land. By now the Fund Drive is well underway and the volunteers are manning the phones, awaiting your pledges. So to whet your palate for the other side of fund drive, here are some teasers about what’s coming in the latter half of the month.

The beauty of the warm weather means that it’s grilling time! Whether it’s gas or charcoal, cooking outdoors is a great way to beat the heat. Make sure to join us for Food Friday on Vox Pop on Friday the 13th to talk about your favorite foods to grill, marinades, and how long to cook your meats to get the perfect medium and still have those beautiful sear marks. (Side bar: a tablespoon of beer in your hamburger mix keeps it moist and adds good flavor.) Then on the 20th, Food Friday tackles preserving and canning the bountiful fruits that the summer provides. We’ll get the 411 on sterilizing our jars, learn the difference between jam and jelly, and discover interesting combinations of berries and fruits to wow your taste buds.

We will be saying goodbye to one of our regular voices this month. Susan Barnett, the host of 51%, is leaving us for greener pastures. Do not fret, my pets, the show will be continuing and with a voice that you are already familiar with. Our Hudson Valley bureau chief, Allison Dunne, will be taking the reins and will have her debut show on June 19th at 8PM. Please help in welcoming her to WAMC’s National Productions.

And speaking of National Productions, The Book Show has some favorite authors this month. Remember when the great Garrison Keillor was on The Roundtable with Alan and Joe? Well, later that evening he was at Northshire Bookstore for an Off the Shelf live taping of The Book Show  and on the 17th at 3PM we’ll get to hear the live interview about Keillor’s new book The Keillor Reader. The following week, on the 24th, National Book Award finalist Francine Prose joins Joe in studio to talk about her new novel Lovers at the Chameleon Club.

So here’s to a quick fund drive and to a wonderful month of programming.