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Programming Notes 10/1/13

Hello WAMC Land. As some of you are reading this, we are in the throes of another glorious fund drive. Some of you have already pledged, and I know some of you are waiting for the right moment. Perhaps I can entice you to pledge sooner than later by dangling the programming carrot in front of you. Not a fan of carrots you say? Hmmm, well how about the biggest and most crispy slice of bacon? Yep, knew that would work.

If we can get back to programming the by the 5th of October, than you will not miss The Book Show featuring mystery author Louise Penny and her newest Three Pines novel, How the Light Gets In. Joe Donahue and Penny bring us back to the idyllically set, yet murderous village in Quebec. Chief Inspector Gamache is asked to return and find out who kidnapped one of the villages’ oldest residents. This week’s Book Show is a great way to kick off Shocktober,

And want to find out what happened after the town of Grand Bruit, Newfoundland shuttered their windows and lives there? Well, if you end the fund drive you can. We’ll hear on 51% how the island is trying to revamp its tourism industry now that the cod, and their livelihoods, have gone away.

I know you want your weekly dose of The Capitol Connection so you can find out what’s been happening in New York State politics, and do you honestly want to miss another week of The Moth Radio Hour or This American Life? Yes my friends, it’s a pretty big carrot (or slice of bacon) that’s being dangled in front of you.

If you’re intent on waiting it out even further, then I acquiesce. Here are a few morsels to get your salivary glands going when Columbus Day rolls around (and the fund drive will surely be over by then):

We’ll have a couple more Song Travels with Michael Feinstein and Guests. In hour one of the Roundtable, we’ll hear from Canadian crooner Madeleine Peyroux about her musical mentor Ray Charles, and in hour two TV personality and comedian Wayne Brady will take the stage to take about his major musical influences Sammy Davis Jr. and Sam Cooke.

Plus we’ll get some more toe tappin’ music with the new special Willie Nelson Duets: To All the Girls. The one-hour program will feature comments about the songs on his new album, as well as interviews with the women featured in each of the songs. Guest recording artist include Dolly Parton, Norah Jones, Secret Sisters, Roseanne Cash and Sheryl Crow.

We’ll also have some surprises as the day continues, so don’t forget to check out our program schedule at wamc.org.

Enjoy the crisp weather, the little kids running around as pirates and zombies, and the bounty of apples at your local orchard.


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