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The Best of Our Knowledge # 830


Students are always encouraged to become engaged citizens in
school and in their own communities. But just how one does that,
is not often made clear. So, the Center for Leadership Development
at the University of Montana has published some help. It's called
The Student Leadership Guide. The guide has a more real-world,
service-oriented tone that readers can use to try and make a
difference in their classrooms, communities, and careers. It's been
so popular that the guide is now in its third printing. TBOOK spoke
with the guide's author, Brendon Burchard. Burchard is an
award-winning speaker on student life and leadership. He holds
degrees in political science and organizational communication.
Glenn Busby reports. (9:50)

** Attention Program Directors. The website for those listeners
who would like to find out more about the guide, is www.thestudentleadershipguide.com **

Everyone's heard about reality TV. But now there are campus
reality guides that can help students make that all important
decision about what college or university to attend. College
Prowler originally started as a class project, and has since
blossomed into a booming business with over 215 school-specific
guides published, a website, and new features constantly evolving.
These insider guides are written by students at each campus for
students. They contain hundreds of student quotes, reviews, and
grades on all aspects of campus life from academics, to housing,
night life, parking, athletics, etc. TBOOK spoke with Chris Mason,
Prowler's Chief of Strategy.
Glenn Busby reports. (9:36)

** Attention Program Directors. If listeners would like to read more
about the schools they are considering attending, the website given
is: www.collegeprowler.com **