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The Best of Our Knowledge # 816


Albany, NY –
NATIONAL SURVEY OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT and COMMUNITY COLLEGE SURVEY OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT , PT. 1 OF 2 - Today's show focuses the spotlight on the importance of
student engagement as a real key for educational success. Results
from two major studies have been released that examine educational experiences at both four-year universities, and community colleges.
It turns out they share many similarities. But the two reports also
reveal some surprising findings and one particular area of marked
difference. To get the facts, TBOOK spoke with the two leaders of
these respective studies. Dr. George Kuh is Director of the National
Survey of Student Engagement. Dr. Kuh is the Chancellor's Professor
of Higher Education at Indiana University in Bloomington. And we also
talked with Dr. Kay McClenney, Director of the Community College
Survey of Student Engagement. Dr. McClenney is a Professor in the
Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas at
Austin. Next week, TBOOK delves into the first ever Faculty Survey
of Student Engagement. Faculty can obviously view the same issues
from a very different perspective.
Glenn Busby reports. (15:31)

**(Attention Program Directors. If listeners would like to read more
about these two surveys, go to these following two websites:
www.ccsse.org and www.nsse.iub.edu.)**

Last year, about eleven Canadian colleges and universities were the
first schools to participate in their National Survey of Student Engagement.
But this year, more than 30 Canadian post secondary schools are using
the instrument. Dr. Karen Hitchcock, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of
Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario discusses the importance for
universities to receive this type of feedback from students in order to help
schools make changes and improve their performance.
Dr. Karen Hitchcock and Glenn Busby report. (4:33)