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Vermont's Senior Senator Seeks to Increase Penalties on Fake Maple Products

By Pat Bradley


South Burlington, VT – Senator Leahy was at one of Vermont's best known retailers of Vermont made maple syrup. Standing in front of a display of the pure product, Senator Leahy outlined his plans to reduce the incidence of maple fakery and fraud.

Leahy's proposal follows the indictment of a Rhode Island man who had been selling fake Vermont maple syrup. It was merely cane sugar. Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ross.

Dakin Farm Owner Sam Cutting is Chairman of the Vermont Maple Industry Council and a member of the Ag Development Board.

Senator Leahy also announced a $70,000 federal grant to help market Vermont maple syrup. Vermont Maple Marketing Director Katherine Stevens.

Vermont law states that anything labeled Vermont maple syrup must be 100-percent pure maple made only from sap from Vermont maple trees. Senator Leahy's proposal includes jail terms for Vermont maple counterfeiting.