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Vermont Supreme Court Weighs Police Search Procedures


Montpelier, VT – The Vermont Supreme Court is considering how free police should be to rummage through computers they seize with a search warrant. WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more...

During a Burlington police investigation of alleged identity theft last December, police asked a court to authorize the seizure and search of every computer and other electronic devices in a suspect's house.

But Judge Michael Kupersmith said police had to get an independent investigator to go through the computers and seize evidence limited to the identity theft being alleged.

The Chittenden County state's attorney's office asked the state supreme court to rule that Kupersmith's limits on the search warrant were too narrow.

At a high court hearing Wednesday, arguments centered on how constitutional limits on searches and seizures apply in the digital age.

I'm Pat Bradley, WAMC News.

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