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Opponents to Protest Republican Committee Chair Visit

By Pat Bradley


Burlington, VT – Republican Committee Chairman Reince Preibus will be the keynote speaker at the Vermont Republican Party's annual spring dinner in Burlington. State party Chair Pat McDonald says she will present a progress report and members will hear from Mr. Preibuis on how to grow the party.... (Audio cut) Vermont labor advocates and the Democratic Party are planning a rally to voice their displeasure over Chairman's Preibus' visit and what they view as his union-busing agenda. Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Bragg...... (Audio cut) Vermont State Employees' Association President Robert Hooper...... (Audio cut) VT Republican Chair Pat McDonald says state Democrats are trying to score political points by involving themselves in the workers' rally....... (Audio cut) Republican Committee Chairman Reince Preibus will speak at the Vermont Republican Spring Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Burlington. The coalition opposing his appearance plans to rally on the Church Street Marketplace.

Vermont Democratic Party

Vermont Republican Party