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Vox Pop : Open Forum – Election 2012 : 8/1/12

With Election Day only about four months away, President Barack Obama and presumed Republican candidate Mitt Romney have kicked their campaigns into high gear.

The week so far seems to be a loser for Romney, who topped the headlines not for suggesting bold policy changes, but for a series of campaign gaffes that called into question his stances on race in America and international relations.

Meanwhile, today the New York Times reports that a new poll from Quinnipiac University, CBS and the New York Times shows the president with an edge over Romney in the ‘purple’ states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. However, while Obama seems to have strong support among independent voters in Pennsylvania, they are closely split in the Buckeye and Sunshine States.

Today we want your take on the election thus far. Does this week’s coverage of Romney’s gaffes make him a less viable candidate? Do the polls matter at this point in the election cycle? And of course, we want to know who you would vote for if the election was tomorrow. WAMC’s Alan Chartock hosts.