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The Roundtable

miSci - 1878 Edison Tinfoil

miSci (The Museum of Innovation and Science) in Schenectady will tonight reveal the recording from their 1878 Edison Tinfoil – the second oldest documented Edison tinfoil recording, the oldest playable American voice and the first ever recording of a musical performance.

Attendees at the GE Theatre in Schenectady tonight at 6:30 will learn the background of the object, how it fits into miSci’s collections, what its significance is in the timeline of larger technological innovations and the latest breaking news – the owner of the voice is revealed!

The presentation will also tell why the recordings couldn’t be recovered until now, the story of some of the challenges faced, the technological innovations made to read the tin foil and where the tin foil fits in the spectrum of surviving recordings throughout the world.

Joining us this morning to tell us more is John Schneiter from the miSci Board of Directors and Dr. Carl Haber - the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Senior Scientist in the Physics Division.