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Joe Donahue's Interview with Cindy Sheehan Part II


Albany, NY – Cindy Sheehan says that when her son Casey was killed in April of 2004, she was nearly destroyed by grief. But three weeks later she had an epiphany: She needed to speak out on war and policy issues. Her crusade brough her in 2005 to Crawford, Texas and to launch Camp Casy.

Since then, she has been an outspoken activist for the peace movement. She has written about her life and experiences in the book "Peace Mom." In the second part of her two-part interview with WAMC's Joe Donahue she talks about how - while her efforts were supported by many parents who have lost children in the war - those efforts have not been supported by all...

The name of Cindy Sheehan's book is Peace Mom. It is published by Atria Books. She spoke with WAMC's Joe Donahue.