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The Roundtable

Roundtable Book Picks 5/23/06


Albany, NY – Stanley Hadsell's Market Block Book Picks for 5/23/06:

* Cool Tools Cooking Utensils from the Japanese Kitchen by Kate Klippensteen
* Birds In Fall by Brad Kessler
* A Horse Named Funny Cide by Funny Cide Team and Barry Moser
* Alternatives to Sex by Stephen McCauley
* Two For The Road by Jane and Michael Stern
* A Master's Path by Penelope Jewell
* Sing, Nightingale, Sing: A Book & CD for Discovering the Birds of the World by Fran oise de Guibert, Illustrated by Chiaki Miyamoto, Music by Daniel Goyone
* Pirates by John Matthews
* Poet's Choice by Edward Hirsch

Market Block Books - Troy, New York