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AIDS in Latin America - Susan Arbetter's interview with Tim Frasca 2/21


Albany, NY – You wouldn't think a country in the throws of a dictatorship would be the first place a young journalist would choose to live, but Tim Frasca moved to Chile in the 1970's anyway. He was tired of Washington DC and wanted to experience something new. He didn't expect that he would fall in love with his adopted home, or choose to stay and fight a new threat to Chileans: AIDS.

In his new book, "Aids in Latin America", Frasca gives a complete country-by-country account of how the AIDS epidemic has affected the US's neighbors to the south, and uncovers the enormous cultural changes that have taken place throughout Latin America as a result of the disease.

Susan asked Tim how he was first introduced to the growing AIDS problem in Latin America....

Tim Frasca's book is called, "AIDS in Latin America". It's published by Palgrave Macmillan. Performance Place is next on the Roundtable.