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Bradley Mohr during a summer fishing trip in the Adirondacks.
Bradley Mohr

This year has been difficult for everyone. While COVID-19 may have forced people to spend more time apart from family and friends, three active seniors living in the city of Albany have found ways to cope with social isolation.

Adirondack 46er Phil Corell at the high elevation sign of CATS' High Point Trail
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Americans are living — and working, and playing, and battling illness — longer. In the first part of our special series on aging, we meet an avid hiker who has hiked all of New York’s highest peaks, not just once but more than 20 times. Now 74, he is still climbing mountains. WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley, who is better at leisurely walks, met Adirondack 46er Phil Corell this fall at a low elevation hiking trail to talk with him about his experiences and why he’s still hiking in his seventh decade.