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vaccine distribution

People wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine at the University at Albany
Jesse King / WAMC

Vermont is now in its next phase of vaccine distribution, with people ages 55 and above with certain high-risk health conditions eligible to sign up for the shots.

Ulster County timeline for vaccine administration given current supply, as of Feb. 18, 2021
Courtesy of Ulster County government

The Ulster County executive is calling on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to activate a joint state- and county-run COVID-19 vaccination site in Kingston. He says the site has the capacity, and the closest state sites are not close at all. As WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne reports, others are echoing the call.

COVID-19 Diagram
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

       The number of new COVID-19 cases in Springfield, Massachusetts continues to go down as the state picks up the pace of  vaccinations for the coronavirus.

Moderna vaccine
Courtesy of Rockland County government

New York state and local elected officials say a certain area of Rockland County needs more COVID-19 vaccination opportunities.

NY-19 Congressman Antonio Delgado during Facebook Town Hall, Feb. 3, 2021
Courtesy of the Office of Congressman Antonio Delgado/screenshot by WAMC, Allison Dunne

New York Congressman Antonio Delgado held a virtual town hall Wednesday. The Democrat from the 19th District answered a variety of questions, with some focused on frustration with getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vermont Statehouse
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Vermont Governor Phil Scott arrived late to his COVID briefing today after finishing a call with other governors and federal officials on vaccine distribution. Scott says he got good news on the call.

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan and NYS Senator Michelle Hnchey tour vaccination site in Kingston, January 13, 2021
Courtesy of the Office of Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan

County leaders say their offices continue to be deluged by calls about the COVID-19 vaccine, which is in short supply. Saying they, too, are frustrated, they’re asking residents to be patient.

Moderna vaccine
Courtesy of Rockland County government

With their residents expressing frustration and confusion, Hudson Valley county executives are directing them to go to the state with their issues about signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine. And one leader is imploring the state to send more vaccine as all the counties grapple with high demand and little-to-to-no supply.

Moderna vaccine
Courtesy of Rockland County government

With the administering of the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible people under way, counties in New York have been running out of doses quickly. The process has been bumpy, and some county leaders hope it will be ironed out soon as they field numerous calls and remind residents that the program is run by the state.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
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New York U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has announced her first bill for the new session of Congress, and it aims to speed up the country’s lagging vaccine distribution. Meantime, Rockland County received its first shipment of a COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday morning and began administering it to county healthcare workers Tuesday afternoon.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shipment
Courtesy of ParCare Health & Medical Center

The New York state attorney general announced Monday that her office was opening an investigation into a Brooklyn-based healthcare provider with a location in Orange County. The investigation is focused on COVID vaccine distribution. The Orange County executive says the investigation should come from higher up.

Colleen Laico, from Kingston, NY, a medical professional at the ER at Kingston Hospital, receives her COVID-19 vaccination at MidHudson Regional Hospital in Poughkeepsie, December 18, 2020
Courtesy of the Office of Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the formation of Regional Vaccination Hubs to help facilitate COVID-19 vaccinations once Phase 2 of the state's plan begins in early 2021. Regional task forces are part of the process. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with a few county leaders who are on the Mid-Hudson region’s task force.